Induction and training

It does not matter how much you already know, as there will be opportunities to learn, and we have roles to suit every level of expertise.
There will be an induction prepared and delivered by one of our staff. This will include:

  • Some information about Positive Flames South Africa, our vision, mission and our future plans;
  • the role of the volunteer;
  • introduction to some volunteers;
  • tour around our facilities and see some of our initiatives;
  • copy of all the relevant policies including this volunteer policy and also our Health and Safety, Expenses, Equality and Diversity and Conflict Management;
  • essential procedures such as timekeeping, rota;
  • information about training and ongoing learning opportunities

There will be a trial period of four weeks to give Positive Flames South Africa and you time to discover if you are suited to each other. A review will be made midway through the trial period and also at the end. This is not an assessment, it is just so that we can be sure that you benefit
the most from the volunteering experience and maximise the time you are giving freely.

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